Mental Health Forum - Cyber Bullying

Congratulations on our very first Community Mental Health Forum,
with the key focus on Cyber-Bullying.

Our key-note speaker, Sacha Kaluri, travels around Australia speaking to young people in
schools on the topics of how to have the career of your dreams, bullying and online bullying,
stress management and body image. She is a much sought after speaker for youth and has been referred to as one of Australia's leading youth ambassadors.

Several members chose to start the evening with a spot of dinner and a drink at Jeff's place.
Thanks Jeff, very generous to offer your home and BBQ to the cause.

Then off to the auditorium at Rowville Secondary College where our MC, Jeff, started the evening.

Sacha gave a fabulous presentation ...
... including many relevant statistics.

When Sacha was finished she was joined by various panelists taking many, many questions from the audience.

It was also wonderful to have several representatives from the College, including Daphne who got up to thank the panelists, and our Club for organising the event.

Well done to President Daryl, our guest speaker, Sacha, and Club Community Chair, Darren, who organised this wonderful event.