Changeover Night 2012

Daryl and Steve discuss some last minute arrangements as Daryl prepares to hit the bell to get underway.

And the first order of business is to welcome Bobby back into the fold.

Followed by the wonderful opportunity
to present Darren with his
Paul Harris Fellowship.
Congratulations Darren, well deserved!

Next up, the equally wonderful opportunity to upgrade Pradeep's Paul Harris Fellowship to a
PHF with sapphire.
All of this year's
Club recipients,
Gary, Darren
and Pradeep.

one and all!

We were also fortunate enough to have a couple of Interact representatives talk to us. Thanks Lana and Meaghan!

Then it was time to get down to business ...
... and hand over the reins to the incoming President Daryl!
Congratulations Dr Daz, no doubt you'll do a wonderful job!
Some kind words were also said about the outgoing President Steve.

The new Board.

Nick seems to be concerned about something though, as he spells out his opinions to Dary and Steve!

Another highlight was when new President Daryl awarded a PHF to our club mascot, Lucas.
Congratulations young man!

And that was followed by the outstanding achievement of Mandi receiving her
PHF with 3 rubies.
How magnificent is that!

So the entire family
now have;

PHF with 3 rubies (Denis);
PHF (Lucas); and
PHF with 3 rubies (Mandi).

In total the equivalent
of 19 PHF's.
Absolutely amazing!!!

During the night Murray took the opportunity to lay down the law to AG Chris!
And then to Jeff
and Neil too!
Although he did manage to calm down enough to congratulate Darren on his PHF.

So what a year we can look forward to with our new first family,
Jenny and Daryl.

And while everyone else managed to socialise (below), poor Perry just beavered away.