Rotary Distict 9810 Conference - 2011/12

How very exciting for us to have our very own Dr Daz as MC for this year's District Conference.

And what a great job he did!!!

Mandi & Denis were also given the honour of looking after the "Royal Couple", DG Julliet and Ian.
A great honour to have such responsibilities.

Although you can't let the job get in the way of having a feed.

Neil, Beverley and Veronica take a bit of a break from proceedings.
And along with James, take a bite of lunch.

Not much conversation here for Steve, with Denis on the phone, and Neil turning his back on us.

The Gala Dinner was spectacular, with our gorgeous bunnies, Jenny, Sue and Veronica lighting up the night.
Although, there were a few extra bunnies joining in the festivities.

The entertainment was a wonderful surprise ...
... when three of the waiters turned to song before introducing themselves as "The Three Waiters".