Interact Charter Night

A huge crowd attended
(about 120) ...
... promising an absolutely
wonderful night.

As usual, Daryl's
fantastic MC skills
got the night off
to a great start,
and he continued
to do an outstanding
job throughout
President Steve also
managed to get a few
words in along the way.

Our first guest speakers,
Tirrell & Caitlin, told us of
their experiences with the
Interact Club of Beaumaris.
And they were quickly
followed by another
wonderful address
from Savindhi ...
... the Youth Coordinator
for the
Committee for Sri Lanka.

Then we got onto the
most important aspects
of the agenda,
firstly presenting the
Interact pin to the
Charter President, Jessica.
Followed by the Board
and the remaining
Charter members.

And of course,
the presentation of the
Charter Certificate itself.
Which included
the signatures of
President Steve
& DG Juliet
(with PDG Denis
making sure they
spelled their
names correctly).

The Rotary Club
also handed over
some other gifts,
including this
wonderful banner.

Then a quick photo
opportunity, firstly with the
Charter Board of the club.
And of course,
the entire club.

MC Daryl then took us
through a quick game
of Heads & Tails.
And isn't it appropriate
to see Cathy, Head of
Senior School at
Rowville Secondary
College with her
hands on her head.
The proceeds of the game
were of course donated
as the first monies raised
by the new Interact Club
of Rowville-Lysterfield.

Our final guest speaker
was the inspirational
Stephanie ...
... who talked to us again
about her wonderful
venture in Nepal,
Blessed Life.

Finally, some very kind
words of thanks from
President Jessica &
Vice President Meaghan ...
... before DG Juliet said
a few more kind words,
and President Steve
closed the evening.

But without a doubt
the night was first
and foremost ...
... about these
wonderful students ...
... and the amazing
adventure ahead.

Congratulations to Charter Members of
The Interact Club of Rowville-Lysterfield.