Changeover Night 2011

The night was opened and brilliantly managed by our resident MC, Daryl.
But it was all about Darren celebrating his wonderful year as President.

There were a bunch of awards to give out, starting with our long-time friends and supporters at
Barry Plant - Rowville.
Followed by recognition of the wonderful support received from the Committee for Sri Lanka.
And of course, the magnificent youth contingent of the Committee for Sri Lanka.

We've been fortunate enough to hear addresses from Savindhi on a couple of occasions, but you can't help but be impressed every time she gets up to the lectern.

But, without a doubt the highlight of the night

(and little did he know) ...
... was an emotional
Jeff receiving his
Paul Harris Fellowship.
Congratulations, Jeff, and thoroughly deserved!

We also took the opportunity to hand over the first of several
Ultrascan devices headed for Sri Lanka.

But then it was down to business ...
... as a smiling Darren handed over the reins to a nervous Steve.
Well, here goes nothing!!!!

Finally, some very flattering words from DG David.

(And what a wonderful year he's had too.)