Rotary Distict 9810 Conference - 2008/09

Jeff, Steve, Sue, Janine and Murray
enjoying lunch on Friday

(Murray, what where you planning
with those fingers?)

Walter Mikac Inspirational Man,
Inspirational Message
(One of the Keynote Speakers)

Sue, Steve, Murray and Janine
all dressed up for the Gala Ball

(But someone got a little peckish)

Some fairly clever themed costumes

Asuman, Naci,
Murray and Janine
at the Gala Ball

Also a young
Rotaract couple,
Kylie and David

What an impressive group

And what a spectacular venue

Sue and Steve with some classical dance moves

(Sue, it's supposed
to be romantic,
not funny)

Until Janine and Sue finally picked up some younger dance partners and really got things moving